Jordan and Marcel have yet again composed a grotesquely beautiful book unlike anything I’ve seen or read.

Jordan’s poetry is a bite to the jugular and a tourniquet with its blunt honesty, humanness, insights, and overall ability to make you laugh, cry, and perform mental aerobics with its depth and language.

Marcel’s artwork is haunting, the colors are bold and glossy, the details sharp; he has quite a knack for creating art that is uniquely him and just as you can get lost in Jordan’s poetry, you will get lost in Marcel’s creative visions that occupany each poem.

I appreciate the hours upon hours of work that must have gone into this gem and am thrilled to have it on my bookshelf right next to their other book, Spirits for Sale. The foreward alone is enough to get you hooked and curious as to what lies ahead.

I am an avid reader of dark fiction, so having these bite sized poems to gnaw on now and again or share with my niece and nephews when they’re in the mood for a spooky story makes their day and mine.

I am truly blown away by the ninety-eight pages of creative genius that is Unexpected Mergers. If you haven’t bought this collection yet, I must ask, what are you waiting for?


Unexpected Mergers review