A5 chapbook
Matte black cover
32 pages
Full colour inside with artwork by me
13 poems by Pete Donohue.

“I feel the illustrations by the celebrated Dutch mixed media artist Marcel Herms visually reflect this collection perfectly. He has collaborated with numerous underground poets and writers as well as punk and alternative bands. I first came across his work through another Hastings-based poet, John D Robinson, and made contact. Marcel kindly illustrated the cover for my full collection swallowing paregoric babies last year after I’d seen a new painting of his on social media and, thinking it absolutely represented that title, asked him if I could use it. Marcel knows my poetry but the victims paintings were not specifically done for these poems, they just happened to fit them – it was synchronicity and serendipity, perhaps we communicated through the realms of nothingness.” (Pete Donohue)
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The Black Editions #1- Victims