“Spirits for Sale”, the book that I made with Jordan Trethewey, was reviewed by Lisa Creech Bledsoe:

“This week I received a package in the mail with two books of Jordan Trethewey’s poems, which were filled with every manner of haunts.I had no idea there were sellers on eBay dealing in ghosts.And Jordan’s idea of “containing” poems about them in the tanka format in his book “Spirits for Sale” is a clever parallel, in one way, to what some of the sellers are doing in bottling up, sewing in, or otherwise sealing these spirits to a (tangible, marketable! how tidy!) jar, toy, or other item. Creepy and ironic, not to mention a wry commentary on the cultural and consumerist gods to whom we pay homage.The author has also employed these macabre ads to delicately break open some deep human yearnings and characteristics. The desire to be loved (“lorianns159”), the wish to be desired (“thecovent”), the ability to be playful (“ctantiques”). Some of the poems in here are delightful or poignant, and many feed readers hungry for a freakish chill or a shadow flickering in the peripheral field.The artwork by Marcel Herms was interesting & beautiful in it’s own way, and I might have enjoyed walking in a gallery of these pieces in full color (and that’s a lot of spooky for someone like me).”

Review “Spirits for sale”