“Lacklustre: The Meanderings of Mole-Man Jack” is a new book with poetry by Hex’m J’ai and cover and Illustrations by me.

Mole-Man Jack is both regal and simple.

Mole-Man Jack is at bus-stops, cross-walks and under bridges.   Mole-Man Jack is at the park, at the theatre and in your corner bodega.  Mole-Man Jack trolls your social media, bums a smoke and mixes vinyl on the stoop.  Mole-Man Jack is that cross-roads demon dancing, that slightly tarnished angel and a collector of primate “veritas”.

Mole-Man Jack is a close friend.

Mole-Man Jack lives in-between.


-Hex’m J’ai

New book: “Lacklustre: The Meanderings of Mole-Man Jack”