Ubique Daemon is a chapbook with drawings published by Holy & Intoxicated Publications (UK). It’s published in a limited edition of 26 copies, signed and “lettered” A – Z.

“Marcel Herms channels nightmares, he sees the inside of souls and the landscape of beauty and terror in equal measure. His images are stark and powerful like an IED explosion, still there is sadness and pain in even the most terrifying of his faces. His art tells a story we all experience but try to hide and that is exactly why

 it resonates with everyone who sees it. He paints the skeletons in all our closets!!” (Matt Borczon)

“Very seldom do you come across a true master of his craft. Marcel Herms is amazingly talented and insanely prolific. His work is so visceral and alive and expressive and yet beautifully minimalist in approach at the same time. Each image a darkly emotive moment of human expression and endurance that confr

onts the viewer with a haunting brilliance. To my knowledge, there is no one out there today 

doing anything close to what Marcel Herms is doing. His stunning artwork is simply unmatched.” (Ryan Quinn Flanagan)

Ubique Daemon chapbook