In “Masks Are Not Enough” 10 poets react to 10 of my artworks. Each artwork gets 10 different interpretations. This 153 page book collects all 10 artworks and all the 100 poems. The collaborating poets are Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Matt Borczon, Stefan Bohdan. Paul Brookes, Renee Wordell Poirier, Yaj Renim, Rhomero Ahmmi, Jeremy Stolz, Alfred Gremsly and Ahmad Alkhatat.

From the foreword by Alien Buddha Press co-founderRed Focks: “Marcel Herms’ artwork is like a lucid psilocybin dream vivid enough to linger in your frontal cortex days after being consumed by the retinas. Imagine psychological ink splotches being brought alive by Dr. Frankenstein and running rampant. Complexity becomes impossibly simplified, and the depth of matter bleeds abstract madness all over the canvas.”

Masks Are Not Enough